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Boudoir Photography
WARINING !!!!!! 

Embrace and empower yourself with stunning portraits by  photographer James Fell. With a style that is alluring, yet classy. Provocative, yet sophisticated his portraits perpetually captivate and intrigue.

James's approach to boudoir photography is refreshing and pure. he always felt that the beauty a woman’s body was misrepresented by the current boudoir photography trend which embraces the unrealistic idea of the arched back and lusty lingerie with pouty expressions. James is able to see a woman’s true and natural beauty and is able to capture this in his portraits.

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James’s belief is that boudoir photography should be more like nude art and represent classic art or fine art nude portraits that would hang in an art gallery. James has been inspired by  the female body in fine art photography so he has a respect to represent a woman in flattering ways.